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A series of conversations about tuition-free education

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Student loan debt is a crisis, disproportionately impacting economically disadvantaged students and families.

The cost of an education is rising 8x faster than salaries
$1.8 trillion student loan debt—that’s 2x more than the credit card debt crisis
More than 7 million people are in default over their college loans

We Believe

Free tuition is a conversation worth having. Berea College has been paying for students' tuition for more than 130 years, but this isn't about us. This is about what a tuition free education could mean for society as a whole. Those best equipped to tell that story are our alumni. And the best way for us to contribute to the national conversation is to amplify their voices.

The latest episode

A conversation with

Jamie Oleka

Managing Director, The Collective, Teach for America
Berea College
Health Sciences

Berea gives us the opportunity to end generational poverty.
Published March 17, 2022

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    A conversation with

    Alix E. Harrow

    Hugo-award winning author
    Berea College

    If tuition was free, we would have a vastly more equitable and just society….and this is a less measurable thing, but I think we would have a genuinely happier population of people who could pursue what they wanted, for the reasons that they wanted.

    A conversation with

    Stafford Easterling

    Administrative Law Judge
    Berea College
    Business Administration

    When you treat education like a consumer good, it limits it to just those who could afford it. However, the distribution of wealth does not equal the distribution of intellect.

    A conversation with

    Cody Meyers

    Senior Software Engineer at RedHat
    Berea College
    Computer Science

    I grew up in rural Tennessee. I did not even own a computer before I came to college. For so many of us, free tuition represents the opportunity that we wouldn’t otherwise have had. It’s life-changing.

    A conversation with

    Akilah Hughes

    Host of the Award-Winning daily news podcast, 'What A Day' from Crooked Media
    Berea College
    Mass Communications

    The value of free, for me, was freedom. I was able to create a career path that objectively did not exist when I started college, because I didn’t have the burden of debt.